Lito Mendes da Rocha born in São Paulo (Brazil). Has gone at Film School at FAAP between 1981 and 1983. Initiated his career as a camera assistant in 1983 and worked in many feature films when he moved on to Cinematography. Starts to photograph acting in Advertising, Video-Clip and Fiction.

Lito Mendes da Rocha. Director of Photography


  • 2021 MANHÃS DE SETEMBRO. General Director Luis Pinheiro. Directors Luis Pinheiro, Dainara Toffoli. Production AMAZON, O2 FILMES.
  • 2019 DESALMA. Art Director & Director Carlos Manga Jr. Directors João Paulo Jabour, Pablo Muller. Production GLOBOPLAY.
  • 2018 SINTONIA. Directors Kondzilla, Jhony Araújo. Production LOS BRAGAS, NETFLIX.
  • 2014 Serie FELIZES PARA SEMPRE. Directors Fernando Meirelles, Paulo Morelli, Rodrigo Meirelles, Luciano Moura. Production O2 FILMES, GLOBO.
  • 2014 Serie MOTEL. Director Fabrizia Pinto. Production BOSSA-NOVA FILMES, HBO.
  • 2013 SERRA PELADA. Feature Film. Director Heitor Dalhia. Production PARANOID BR.
  • 2012 TRINTA. Feature Film. Director Paulo Machline. Production PRIMO FILMES.
  • 2009 INHOTIM. Director Carlos Manga Jr Best Direction of Photography Award. Commercial Film.
  • 2008 O NATIMORTO. Feature Film. Director Paulo Machline. Production RT FEATURES.
  • 2007 Shortlisted CCSP. Melhores do Mercado. Category Cinematographer.
  • 2005 ABC Award. Category: Commercials.
  • 2005 CELESTE & ESTRELA. Feature Film 35 mm, color. Director Betse de Paula.
  • 1999 UMA HISTÓRIA DE FUTEBOL. Short 35 mm, color/BW. Director Paulo Machline. Production Um Filmes. OSCAR NOMINEE - Live Action short film. Best Photography. IX Festival de Fortaleza.
  • 1995 16060. Feature Film 35 mm, BW. Director Vinicius Mainardi. Production Brothers in Pictures.
  • 1994 TODOS OS CORAÇÕES DO MUNDO. Feature Film 35 mm, color. Director Murilo Salles. OFFICIAL WORLD CUP FILM.
  • 1991 NAYARA MULHER GORILA. Short 35 mm, color. Director Marta Nassar. XXVII Festival de Brasília - Achievement in Cinematography - Short.
  • 1989 OZEBRIOLOUCO. Short 35 mm, color. Director Adilson Ruiz. XXVI Festival de Brasília - Achievement in Cinematography.


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